We make your WordPress screaming fast

Walk on the cutting edge of WordPress tech with us and enjoy screaming fast speeds globally.

All of our anonymous WordPress hosting runs on OpenLiteSpeed, the fastest and most efficient web server in the world. 10-12 X faster than Nginx and more efficient, “OLS” empowers us and you to easily use the most advanced WordPress hosting tech in existence.


LsCache works directly with OpenLiteSpeed at the server level, this makes it faster and more efficient by far than other WordPress caching plugins. Five layers of caching make your WordPress screaming fast and efficient, able to handle traffic that other hosts charge $1000s/mo for.

The best WordPress CDN

Enable quic.cloud quickly and easily and enjoy the first and only built for WordPress CDN network. Better features and speed than Cloudflare and any other DN service we have tested.

Object Cache

WordPress uses a database to store things like content and settings, when WordPress loads content, plugins, theme settings etc they are fetched from the database. These calls from the database are resource hungry and can be slow.

We offer Redis as object caching which greatly reduces database accesses by your site. The result is much less resource use, ability to easily handle traffic spikes, and a large increase in overall performance.

Image Optimization

World class image optimization VIA LsCache and quic.cloud. Optimizing your images is one of the most important things when improving site performance.

Automatically create webp versions of any or all images and automatically replace images with them reducing image size by up to 40%. This translates to substantial performance increases.

Servers Built For WordPress

Our WordPress server are faster and more efficient because they have been built and tuned specifically for WordPress.

No email, no unneeded services, no control panels, and cutting edge technology for unrivaled performance and efficiency.

Why Fast Is Important

Our speed is your success.

Your site is penalized by search engines for being slow, costing you money, time, and tarnishing your reputation. Visitors hate slow sites, the faster your site is, the more likely visitors are to stay.

Buy Anonymous WordPress Hosting

Ready to get started with your cutting edge anonymous WordPress hosting?

Go Next Level With Your Own Anonymous WordPress VPS

Our Anonymous WordPress VPS are located in Iceland an offer you your own dedicated WordPress hosting environment with all the perks of our regular WordPress hosting.

Fast NVMe SSD drives, speedy CPUs, and a cutting edge high performant union of the latest WordPress hosting tech gives you all the speed you want.

Page caching + OpCode Cache + object cache + browser cache + CDN + image optimization,  makes sure your WordPress site is fast no matter where people land on it.